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What do we offer?

We offer a tutor-led course designed to support learners throughout the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. The courses are delivered online, via live webinars supported by digestible workbooks and dedicated tutor support. Once you have signed up to one of our courses you will be invited to an induction webinar via Zoom. It is here you will receive further details on how to access the weekly workbooks and future webinars.


The weekly live webinars allow participants to ask any questions about the current and previous weeks material. Exam style questions are incorporated throughout that target the current and previous weeks lessons. We also offer revision packs and sessions to further support your online learning.

The digestible weekly workbooks are made up of reading material and activities that are easily accessible for all abilities. The structure has been specifically designed to ensure optimal engagement and retention, with the hope that the learner is not overloaded with too much new information all at once. The activities give plenty of opportunity to allow sufficient practice of calculations and cement key facts.


Inspiring the next generation

Our aim is to inspire, encourage and motivate the next generation into financial services. The financial services profession continues to face one of its greatest struggles due to its ageing workforce, coupled with an increasing need for financial advice. Therefore, there is no better time than the present to embark on or further your career in financial services. With our help, you will be guided through each of the compulsory exams, from R01 to R05, necessary to gain a Level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

Why CII?

Having completed extensive research with various employers within financial services, it was apparent that the most respected qualification within the industry is provided by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). Employers felt that this qualification better equipped new financial advisers with a wide range of in-depth knowledge to better serve the client. Holding such an esteemed qualification has the potential to open many doors, setting you on a strong path to gaining Chartered status, which is highly sought-after by employers.

Why Lowes Academy?

We endeavour to make your learning journey in financial planning as interesting and dynamic as possible. Studies show that individuals have a higher success rate when they have had access to the right support. By learning with us, you will not only have 24 hour access to engaging online materials, but you will also have the support of highly skilled and successful teachers who are supported by some of the most qualified people in the financial service profession. We have broken down the learning into digestible weekly workbooks and webinars, allowing you to become a focussed and successful student.

Online CII Level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning

Download the latest information regarding starting your career in financial services and talk to one of our team to understand the best path for you.

CII Level 4 Revision Packs

Our CII Level 4 revision packs are written by experts within the financial services sector. They all include two mock exams to put yourself to the test, and flashcards covering answers to all possible questions. Purchase your relevant pack and safeguard your exam success.